Membership Benefits:

All Members shall receive the benefits listed below:

  • Use of the Coalition brand in media
  • Listing on the Coalition brand website with contact information
  • Inclusion in all Coalition marketing campaigns, including media and public promotion of Coalition successes and market trends.
  • Opportunity to share information and network
  • Opportunity to participate in all Coalition outreach events and activities
  • Receive information that tracks the cumulative efforts of Coalition members and workgroups
  • Membership educational/professional events

Membership Requirements:

  • Members will comply with all applicable state and federal laws and industry code of ethics pertaining to their specific business.
  • Agree to pay annual membership dues to support the activities and work of the Coalition.
  • Each member will appoint an individual or additional staff who will actively participate in Coalition activities by joining one or more workgroups.
  • Each member will commit to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per year.
  • Membership in the Coalition shall be open to business, organization or individual interested in the mission, vision, objectives and activities of the Coalition.
  • Potential new members will complete a Membership Application which will be evaluated to ensure that the organization’s practices match the goals of the Coalition.
  • Upon completion of the evaluation process, membership in the Coalition must be approved by 80% of the current membership.

Membership Fees

  • Annual fees are based on membership status in the Coalition and will support activities and programs implemented on behalf of Coalition members.
  • Membership is conditional upon the Member’s adherence to supporting the mission of the Coalition.

Financial Institutions/Corporate/For-Profit: $200

Nonprofit/Governmental/Educational: $0 – In lieu of a membership fee, in-kind promotional support and participation will be required.

Individual: $75

This membership document may be reviewed on an annual basis by a ad hoc working group of the Membership and Education Committee.